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Seaton Thomson and Associates has been responsible for numerous EIA applications and has achieved considerable success in contributing to more environmentally sensitive and appropriate developments in the unique South African landscape.

Environmental Impact Projects

A wide and diverse range of environmental impact assessment applications, management plans and projects, have been undertaken for our numerous clientele over the years of operation. An extract of some of these have been provided for information and interest ...
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ECO Projects

We offer the service as Environmental Compliance Officers, to monitor the impact and implications of the implementation and construction of activities on the development site. This is increasingly becoming an environmental requirement that needs to be professionally addressed ...
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Water Use Licence Projects

Preparation of, submission and processing of a water use licence application is a legal procedure that needs to be professionally managed. A number of applications have been undertaken for diverse activities involving the use and/ or management of water resources ...
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Wildlife Conservation Projects

Planning for and our involvement in nature and wildlife conservation is an exciting element of our work. This has primarily been associated with tourism and community oriented projects in and adjoining such wild and natural areas ...
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Tourism Development and Marketing Projects

The Company has undertaken a diversity of projects that involve the preparation, development and implementation of feasibility studies and strategic marketing plans, primarily for tourism related facilities ...
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One should pay attention to even the smallest crawling creature for these too may have a valuable lesson to teach us.

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