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Friends & Associates

Seaton Thomson and Associates are associated with a wide variety of well-known professional consultants, institutions and companies who have a long established professional record of credibility in their individual fields:

Air QualityAirshed PlanningAirshed Planning
 EScience Associates (Pty) LtdEScience Associates
Agricultural SoilsPedoplan  
Architecture & Urban DesignCube Consultants, CairoIvan Pauw and Partners
Environmental ComplianceGMCE Environmental ServicesGMCE Environmental Services
Environmental Legal ServicesIvan Pauw and PartnersIvan Pauw and Partners
 MacRobert AttorneysMacRobert Attorneys
Faunal and AvifaunalClayton Cook 
Floral SurveysDavid HoareDavid Hoare
GeotechnicalEd Shedden 
 Jo van der Merwe 
Heritage & ArchaeologyWits University – Professor Tom Huffman 
 Anton Pelser Archaeological Consulting 
HydrologyGeologics Hydrogeological Consultants 
InvertebratesVincent van der Merwe & Cornel du Toit 
Noise Impact SurveysFrancois Malherbe 
 dbAcoustics - Barend van der MerwedbAcoustics
Social & Economic StudiesUrban Econ Development Economists Urban Econ
Tourism Planning & MarketingGrahame Thomson 
Wetland AssessmentWetland Consulting ServicesWetland Consulting Services
 Enviross CCEnviross CC


Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty,
if only we have the eyes to see them.

John Ruskin 1819 - 1900